10 Effective Website Audit Tools


Improving the performance of your website is an ongoing journey that starts with the first step: The Website Audit.

A website audit tool helps you to navigate your website performance and optimize it for a better result.

An audit is a great way to improve your website performance. By auditing your website, you identify the areas of improvement. You may make focused adjustments to influence your site's performance. In this blog, we've shared ten functional website audit tools to help you identify areas of development.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
is a website audit tool that helps to measure website traffic and performance. This tool also determines how many people visit your website, where they come from, what conversions they make, and which pages they visit. 

By using Google Analytics:
  • Reports Can Be Customized Easily

  • Learn the Potential Reasons for Uninterested Visitors

  • Get Detailed Audience Demographics

  • Help You With Content Generation

  • Optimize marketing campaigns.

  • Understand customers' behavior and preferences.

  • Identify and fix issues on your website.

  • Increase conversions and sales.

  • Make it simple because the majority of GA users are SMEs.

  • Reducing features SMEs don't need could reduce their carbon footprint.

  • GA gathers and maintains users' data, such as IP addresses, cookies, and device identifiers, which leads to privacy and compliance problems.

  • Natively introduce heat maps.

2. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the best and most free website audit tools that helps crawl a website and analyze the areas for improvement. You can get reports on various topics, such as broken links, redirects, page names, meta titles, meta descriptions, etc.

By using Pingdom:
  • It is capable of crawling both tiny and giant websites.

  • Streaming frogs can review the robots.txt and other directives.

  • This tool creates a sitemap for your website

  • This tool can identify duplicate content.

  • Screaming Frogs helps you to figure out where issues lie and where they don't, which can be vital to solving the problem.

  • Screaming Frog lets you crawl your site as Googlebot. If Googlebot can't get anywhere you want it to go, you can fix that.

  • Screaming Frog can effectively find duplicate content.

  • Screaming Frog can filter for HTML, Javascript, and Images.

  • It will build XML sitemaps for you.

  • There is no way to get backlink information.

  • You can audit only 500URls in the free version

  • Beginners will find this tool confusing because of the interface.

3. Pingdom

Pingdom is a paid website audit tool that helps you to uplift your website performance. This tool identifies whether your website is accessible online, broken links, spyware, and other security flaws. Website owners and managers can monitor their website's availability and performance, ensure they are available to visitors, and reply swiftly.

By using Pingdom:
  • Users can set up alerts for emails or notifications if there is any improvement required on your website. 

  • Pingdom provides detailed insights about the website, from page speed load time to other individual elements of the website.

  • Pingdom allows you to test your website's performance from multiple locations worldwide. This helps understand how your site performs for users in different geographical regions.

  • Pingdom provides insights into the end-user experience by tracking fundamental user interactions and behavior on your website.

  • Pingdom is easy to use

  • It is very inexpensive

  • Provide complete reports on the errors that slowed down the webpage.

  • Using many servers in different places to do synthetic monitoring and imitate user interactions.

  • There is no free version.

  • It has high monthly costs. At first glance, the prices appear reasonable. However, Pingdom has a tiered pricing plan with a large gap between the tires.

  • Some users have noticed that this service occasionally generates false warnings during tests.

4. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a free website audit tool that can rate the speed and performance of your website. You can check your website page speed time, browser caching, and other variables by the statistics demonstrating offers by GTmetrix.

By using GTmetrix:
  • GTmetrix also provides advice on how to enhance the performance of your website.

  • This tool provide you a list of recommendations of action of improvement.

  • It gives a detailed overview of how each element on your page affects the overall load time.

  • The tool provides a waterfall chart, which shows the loading process of all page elements.

  • The interface of GTmetrix is easy to use

  • It gives a complete analysis and detailed report of the site's performance.

  • It uses different factors to determine the score, making it a trustworthy and effective service.

  • GTmetrix guides you in improving your web page engagement.

  • They may want to speed up their checking procedure; displaying the performance report typically takes a long time. This takes even longer for non-logged-in users.

  • The free version of this is only available for up to 30 tests per week.

  • Check only limited SEO parameters.

5. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is important for every website owner or manager looking to improve their website's performance. Its advanced features and options can help you identify and address issues affecting your website's visibility and ranking on Google search results.

Using Google Search Console:
  • You can monitor your website's performance and receive valuable insights on optimizing it for better results. 

  • You can monitor how frequently your website shows Google search results.

  • You may also see how many visitors click on your website's search results page and how long they spend there. 

  • Providing search terms that real people are looking for.

  • Provide Appearance Rankings for where your websites show in search results.

  • Identifying potential issues with indexing webpages.

  • Google's search console will help you save lots of time that you can spend on other productive tasks.

  • Sometimes, it needs to give the answers or specific searchers.

  • The data in the Search Console may be slightly delayed, and real-time data is only occasionally available.

  • Unlike third-party SEO tools, Google Search Console does not provide direct competitor data or insights.

6. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is a website audit tool now known as Lumar. This auditing tool helps you in crawling and analyzing your website. Lumar provides comprehensive information about your website, such as technical concerns, broken links, and duplicate content. It also assists you in locating and correcting mistakes on your website.

By using Lumar:
  • Lumar is an outstanding website auditing tool. 

  • It is simple to use and delivers comprehensive information on your website. 

  • Lumar (previously DeepCrawl) is a good alternative if you need a tool to assist you in auditing your website.

  • You can perform your transactions in greater depth than Google Analytics. In addition, the visualizations appear more successful and appealing.

  • The ability to download data makes optimization chores easier, such as downloading all pages with missing or duplicate titles—the ability to save settings and re-run crawls easily.

  • DeepCrawl is very simple to use; you can start a crawl for your website or examine history crawls quickly.

  • This tool has a learning curve, especially for people new to website audit or SEO practice.

  • Lumar may not give real-time data, and the frequency of crawls depends on the user's subscription plan. Some users may prefer technologies that provide rapid insights.

  • While Lumar concentrates on technical elements, it may be less effective in keyword tracking than dedicated SEO tools.

7. SEMrush

SEMrush is an advanced website audit tool that helps you to identify and fix your website issues. You have everything from competitors' research to identifying broken links in SEMrush. It can also help you to identify possibilities to improve your website's loading time.

SEMrush can be:
  • Simple to use

  • Have a lot of information about your website

  • It is a go-to tool for every website owner

  • Identify the trends within your niche

  • It was simple and provided valuable insights into your competitors' actions to increase site traction and traffic.

  • It provides a site health grade, errors and warnings, and suggestions for improving the site. I also adore the automated reports.

  • It is beneficial for keyword research and monitoring how the site performs and where it can be improved.

  • They also provide much help and produce excellent newsletters on what to do.

  • On-page reports might contain incorrect information. Even if we resolve them, only some reports continue to show errors.

  • Its starter plan starts at $119 monthly, which is costly for small businesses and individuals.

  • SEMrush has many features and options that newcomers may need help finding.

8. Sitebulb

Sitebulb is a website audit tool that will help you improve your website performance, and it generates information on your website's SEO, performance, and security. It also identifies any problems that your website has. This website audit tool is very effective for SEO consultants and agencies.

By using Sitebulb:
  • It's simple to use

  • It gives you all the data that you need to optimize your website

  • This tool is a good choice for Small businesses because of its reasonably priced

  • There is no crawling limit 

  • Users have complimented Sitebulb for being a thorough auditing tool that has assisted them in identifying faults with their websites and improving their SEO campaigns.

  • The application provides detailed analysis and insights, allowing users to look deep into their website's performance and make necessary modifications.

  • Sitebulb receives praise for its outstanding user experience, including a straightforward design that appeals to all users, from beginners to experts.

  • Users may easily navigate the tool's features and functionalities, ensuring a smooth auditing procedure with no needless hassles.

  • Some customers have found Sitebulb somewhat technical, making utilizing it challenging.

  • Several reviewers have wished for a more efficient approach to track progress and see what has already been addressed.

  • Some users have preferred cloud-based software, implying that the existing Sitebulb configuration does not satisfy their requirements or preferences.

9. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a website audit tool that helps you improve your website's performance. You will get a complete analysis of your website's success, including essential data like traffic, organic keywords, backlinks, and more. This tool also helps you to compare your website with your competitor's website to find the gap.

Ahrefs also helps: 
  • To find the place where your website SEO could be improved

  • You can compare your website's current and historical data

  • You can also check the keywords your competitors are using and ranking for.

  • Analyze the pages and fix the issues.

  • You can analyze your content

  • Track your keyword ranking

  • Technical SEO audit

  • Do topic research

  • Analyze the backlink data

  • The price is a little high compared to other tools

  • Sometimes, it shows incorrect ranking

  • A website audit is not available in the free version

  • It is a bit complicated for newcomers

10. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a website audit tool that may detect various problems in your website. It checks duplicate content on your website, broken links, missing meta tags, and more. This tool also provides a report on how well your website is working in SEO.

It is also a premium product but provides a free trial, so people may test it before purchasing it. There is also a free version of Moz Pro that may be used for tiny websites.

Moz Pro also provides:
  • Searchers see and track everywhere by tracking local and national keywords

  • You can target thousands of keywords by their search difficulty and SEO score

  • This tool can crawl your website pages and find the issue

  • Identify the website issue

  • Analyze the behaviors of the users

  • Find out the link-building opportunity

  • It also helps to keep track of your most important keywords

  • Find content that needs to work for better ranking

  • The navigation of this tool should be more user-friendly.

  • There are also a lot of error messages that occur when utilizing the different features of the site.

  • The rank tracker, in particular, has been a source of annoyance, with the tool failing to function for several weeks.

  • The Moz bar occasionally does not display data or causes loading issues for a select website.


Anyone looking to increase their online presence and performance should do a website audit. These ten website audit tools offer a vast range of features and capabilities to help you identify areas of improvement and take action to boost your site's effectiveness.

Whether you're an individual website owner or managing a small business, these audit tools offer options that fit your budget, including accessible versions and trial periods. The key point is that investing time and effort in conducting regular website audits and utilizing these tools can lead to a website that performs optimally, provides an enhanced user experience, and maximizes your online presence. So, go ahead and explore these tools, choose the ones that satisfy your needs, and start on the journey to elevate your website to new heights of success.

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