10 best project management conferences 2023


Project Management Conferences in 2023 are shaping up to be remarkable gatherings for professionals seeking to enhance their project management expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Scattered throughout the year, these conferences present a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning, and growth.

Each conference will bring together a diverse group of experts, thought leaders, and practitioners from various sectors of the project management field. Whether you're an experienced project manager looking to refine your skills or someone new to the industry eager to learn, these events are designed to provide valuable insights and connections.

These 2023 project management conferences are organized globally, with regional schedules catering to participants from different time zones, including APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. This flexibility ensures attendees can choose sessions that align with their interests and availability.

Moreover, these conferences are even more appealing because they are free to attend. This means anyone passionate about project management can join and benefit from the knowledge shared by PMO leaders worldwide.

Intrigued? Keep reading to discover more about the exciting project management conferences lined up for 2023 and how they can help you grow in your project management career.

1. Digital PM Summit

Annually, the Bureau of Digital hosts the Digital PM Summit, a gathering tailored exclusively for digital project managers. This conference serves as a platform for digital project managers to come together, facilitating the exchange of professional experiences, passions, and knowledge. While specific details about speakers and topics remain forthcoming, including the exact event date, attendees can anticipate forging meaningful connections within a community of peers. This camaraderie transcends industry boundaries and project types, offering valuable insights for all attendees, regardless of their specific backgrounds or areas of project oversight.

Website: https://bureauofdigital.com/event/digital-pm-summit-2023

Date: October 2023

2. PMI Global Summit 2023

Scheduled for late October in Atlanta, the Project Management Institute's premier event, the Global Summit, is tailor-made for professionals seeking to enhance their project management expertise. It beckons those eager to bolster their skills and industry leaders keen on imparting their wisdom and triumphs. Furthermore, the summit beckons anyone within the project management sphere, offering a platform to foster community among peers.

An additional enticement of the PMI Global Summit is its exhibition hall, showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in project management. To stay informed about updates regarding speakers and topics, keep an eye on their website.

Website: https://na.eventscloud.com/website/50787/

Date: October 2023

3. FuturePMO

FuturePMO is a single-day conference taking place in London, organized by Wellington. What sets this PMO conference apart from others on our list is its exclusive focus on the PMO landscape. The event is poised to showcase speakers from esteemed organizations like Microsoft, Durham University, PMI, and more.

While the specifics of keynote speakers and presenters are yet to be officially confirmed, the day's agenda will encompass engaging workshops designed to address your unique PMO inquiries. In past editions, notable figures like Ali McArthur, Andrew Wall, and Andy Willis have graced the stage with their insights. Stay vigilant for forthcoming announcements unveiling this year's lineup of speakers.

Website: https://www.futurepmo.com/

Date: October 2023

4. 10th IPMA Research Conference

The International Project Management Association proudly encompasses a vast network of more than 72 member associations worldwide. Their forthcoming 10th IPMA Research Conference is centered around the collaborative creation of value within project management. Organizers have characterized this upcoming event as a symposium facilitating the exchange of ideas among professionals. A key objective is to foster meaningful dialogue and discussions among the participants. During the conference, prominent topics on the agenda will include emerging trends in project management, business projects, digitalization, and the evolving landscape of the project society. These issues are set to take the spotlight, driving insightful conversations and exploring their significance.

Website: https://www.ipma-research-conference.world/

Date: April 2023

5. Bridge PM & PMO Conference

The Bridge PM and PMO Conference are adopting a hybrid format, allowing virtual participants to engage in real-time via the Airmeet platform. This conference is set to showcase influential thought leaders from diverse domains. Among the distinguished speakers is Gilbert Silvius, presently serving as the Head of the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands. He enjoys a sterling reputation as an authority in sustainability within project management. Additionally, the event will feature prominent figures like Dr. Inga Popovaite, Joel Carboni, and Tajuana M. Taylor as notable presenters.

Website: https://www.pmconference.org/

Date: September 2023

6. EVA Performance – Virtual / London

This year, organizers are actively preparing for a conference that combines in-person and online elements. The physical venue will be the BCS London office, and the event will be accessible via Zoom. This conference's central theme revolves around exploring new and emerging technologies. If you're inclined to share your expertise and insights, you can submit your proposal as a potential speaker.

Website: http://www.eva-london.org/eva-london-2023/

Date: July 2023

7. PMI Training in Person – Atlanta 2023:

Participate in Atlanta alongside our seasoned instructors for an opportunity to connect and gain knowledge through focused, small-group courses, all of which align with the PMI Talent Triangle®. You can earn up to 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Regardless of your career stage, enhance your competencies and decision-making abilities at the PMI Training event in Atlanta, Georgia.


Date: October 2023

8. 34th IPMA World Congress

Scheduled for two days, the IPMA World Congress is set to be an in-person gathering this year, taking place in Spain. While the full agenda is yet to be unveiled, the Program Committee responsible for curating the event comprises over 30 distinguished experts hailing from Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. These experts include top executives from major corporations, renowned scholars, and seasoned practitioners who span diverse management, economics, and digital technology realms.

Website: https://ppf.ipma.world/

Date: September 2023

9. Global Scrum Gathering

This worldwide event is currently in the organization process, and I will provide further details as they become available. This conference caters to individuals of all skill levels. It spans three full days, offering a mix of enlightening keynotes and breakout sessions. Here, you'll have the opportunity to delve into best practices and innovative uses of Agile and the Scrum framework alongside professionals from across the globe. A contact form can be found on the event's website for those seeking additional information.

Website: https://www.gsglis22.com/page/2195261/amsterdam-2023

Date: October 2023

10. The PMO Leader Global Conference

This distinctive conference will be conducted across three distinct regional schedules: APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. Participants can choose and attend sessions that align with their preferences and interests. The best part is that this conference is entirely free of charge. It's an excellent opportunity to connect and acquire knowledge alongside PMO leaders from across the globe.

Website: https://www.thepmoleader.com/2023-annual-conference

Date: October 2023


The project management conferences slated for 2023 offer a wealth of opportunities for professionals at every stage of their careers. These events serve as a nexus for industry leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts, providing a platform to explore emerging trends, gain valuable insights, and foster essential connections.

With their global reach and diverse regional schedules, these conferences accommodate participants worldwide, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. The fact that these gatherings are free to attend further underscores their commitment to promoting knowledge sharing and community building within the project management domain.

As we look ahead to the 2023 project management conference season, it's clear that these events hold the promise of being transformative experiences. Whether you're seeking to bolster your skills, expand your network, or stay current with the ever-evolving landscape of project management, these conferences are a must-attend. Mark your calendars, then, and get ready to go on a journey of growth and discovery in the dynamic world of project management.


  1. What are the key highlights of the 2023 Project Management Conferences?

Ans. The 2023 Project Management Conferences offer a unique opportunity to enhance your project management skills, network with experts in the field, and remain current on the most recent trends.

2. Who should attend these conferences?

Ans. These conferences are designed for professionals at all levels of their project management careers. Whether you've managed projects before or are just getting started, there's something valuable for everyone.

3. Are these conferences global events?

Ans. Yes, they are. These conferences feature regional schedules to accommodate participants from different time zones, including APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. This ensures attendees can choose sessions that align with their interests and availability.

4. How can I register for these conferences, and is there a registration fee?

Ans. Registration details may vary for each conference, so visiting the respective conference websites for registration information is recommended. The exciting part is that these conferences are free to attend, making them accessible to a broad audience.

5. What benefits can I gain from attending these conferences?

Ans. By attending these conferences, you can expect to gain valuable insights into emerging trends in project management, connect with industry leaders and peers, and expand your knowledge and skills in the field.

6. Will there be opportunities for networking with fellow professionals?

Ans. Absolutely. These conferences provide ample opportunities for networking with fellow project management professionals worldwide. You can engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections.

7. Are there specific themes or topics that will be covered at these conferences?

Ans. While specific themes and topics may vary, the overarching focus will be project management excellence, innovative practices, and the industry's latest digital trends. Detailed agendas will be provided closer to the event dates.

8. Can I submit proposals to speak at these conferences?

Ans. Some conferences may have a call for speakers. To explore this opportunity, visit the respective conference websites and check for any open calls for speakers.

9. How do I keep up with the latest developments regarding these conferences?

Ans. To stay informed about the latest updates, including speakers, agendas, and registration details, it's recommended to visit the official conference websites and subscribe to their newsletters or announcements.

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