Introducing Snap Screen and Voice Integration for Seamless Screen Recording


May 1, 2024

Snap Screen for Screen Recordings
Effortlessly Manage Your Screen Recordings!

Introducing the Snap Screen feature, a new way to view all your screen recordings in one convenient location. Now you can easily access, review, and manage your recordings without any hassle.

  • Centralized Access: All your screen recordings are available in one place.

  • Improved Organization: Quickly find the recording you need without searching through multiple files.

  • Enhanced Review Process: Easily review and share recordings with your team for better collaboration.

Mic Selection in Screen Recording
Add Your Voice to Screen Recordings!

We've added a new Mic feature that allows you to use your voice during screen recordings. This feature can be quickly accessed using a simple keyboard shortcut, making it easy to add audio commentary to your recordings.

  • Enhanced Communication: Add voice instructions or commentary to your screen recordings for clearer communication.

  • Improved User Experience: Easily activate the mic feature with a simple keyboard shortcut.

How It Works
  • Mac: Press Cmd + K to open the Snap Screen or mic selection menu.

  • Windows: Press Ctrl + K to open the Snap Screen or mic selection menu.