Better collaboration

Enhancement - Feature

Dec 1, 2023

We’re excited to announce the latest improvements to Teamcamp, making collaboration even more seamless and intuitive for our users. Here’s what’s new in December:

  • Reactions on Comments in Tasks: Express yourself better and provide quick feedback with our new reaction feature on task comments. Now, you can react to comments within tasks, making acknowledging or showing appreciation for team inputs easier without cluttering the conversation.

  • Improved Image Preview: Visual collaboration just got better! Enjoy a more streamlined and clearer preview of images within tasks. This enhancement ensures that you can quickly view and assess visual content without leaving the context of your task.

  • Notification on Mention: Never miss an important update again. With our new mention notification feature, you’ll receive alerts whenever you’re mentioned in a task or comment. This ensures you stay in the loop and can respond promptly to critical discussions.

  • Refined Figma Integration: The Figma integration within Teamcamp has been upgraded for smoother operation for our design-centric users. Experience enhanced performance and more seamless integration when working with your Figma designs in Teamcamp.