Common Sales Mistakes and How to avoid them?

Making errors is an inevitable element in a salesperson's progress. Unfortunately, we've seen plenty of salespeople who have no idea why possible customers aren't converting into customers. This is likely due to salespeople making the same mistakes repeatedly and are unable to find patterns in the processes. It would be time-saving if somebody else could point out the errors. Fortunately, this article focuses on how you can speed up your trip by recognizing typical mistakes made by other sellers, learning from them, and avoiding them. 

Why Do Sales Mistakes Impact Brand Value? 

Because it directly impacts customer experience and a bad one can go viral and severely hamper the brand value 

In the age of Web 1.0 and 2.0, ruthless monopolists are finding it hard to sustain. Barriers to entry are limited. Established businesses must compete on nearly equal footing with independent brands and startups in today's market. This levelling of the playing field is both the cause and the result of establishing brand repute. 

Today's consumers have access to a diverse selection of goods and services. On the other hand, people pick in their consumption habits, and each purchase is an investment in the brand. As a result, sales become extremely important to companies. In any organization, the sales department is the final direct touch-point with the client and is critical to the success of the company's brand reputation. 

Here is a list of dreadful sales mistakes that every salesperson should avoid. 

1. Not understanding who your ideal customer is 

For the person who does not require your product, it is pointless. Period. It is similar to offering water to the fish 

While you might invest precious time is closing the deal, pitching to those who don't need your products may not be an intelligent decision..  Ideally, you should have an idea: 

  • what your customer look like 

  • where does he hang out 

  • what problems does he face 

  • how does he make buying decisions 

  • 4-5 criteria that he evaluates before making a purchase 

Once you have an answer to these questions:  

  • Improve customer profiling by focusing on the demands of potential clients and tailoring an experience worth investing in. 

  • Use segmentation to find high-probability leads. 

2. Confronting The Potential Customer 

Many prospects find it hard to say no. However, many will be upfront about why: 

  • Your product is not a right fit for them 

  • They are not ready to make the purchase. 

While it is important to ask follow-up questions, it is downright awful to: 

  • Speak/email the prospective customer in a harsh tone 

  • Argue and compel him to make a purchase.  

Even though this may seem self-evident, many salespeople make this error. It's easy to lose your cool and start defending your truth when a prospect's concerns get ridiculous or defy logic. But don't do argue here to win. If you don't like what they've done or if you disagree with what they're saying  - stay mute till they finish talking - or say, "I see where you're coming from." Ask questions to explain their stance rephrase their words, but never quarrel with them.   

3. Make Fake Promises 

Do you truly believe in what you sell. If you promise a prospective client that the product will be delivered overnight. At the same time, you are unsure about logistics and product availability; then it might have terrible consequences, not just for your customer connection but also for your entire business. 

Overpromising and underdelivering in business is the same as lying. Lying is a horrible way to start any relationship, regardless of how much you want to sell. Inflating your product's capabilities, or concealing restrictions or specific conditions, will not get you very far. Consider this: would you like to waste your money on lies? No, we don't think so. But how do you sell if that's the case? Do not over-promise your prospects. Instead, explain any prospective project roadblocks to the customers. 

4. Not Letting The Customer Speak 

When attempting to sell anything, your natural tendency is to talk a lot. Passionately highlight the benefits and features of your product, and brag about your company. However, this isn't effective. Pushy salespeople seldom succeed. Considerable people do so. You're not the only one who sells, so listen and ask more open-ended inquiries instead. A 60/40 listening-to-talking ratio is ideal. According to a survey, top-closing experts in B2B sales talk just 43 per cent of the time, leaving 57 per cent of the time for prospects to speak.  A good way to get attention is using customer benefit approach. As a result, you can better grasp the customer's business needs and problems by listening more and asking focused questions. It will also assist you in getting to know them as people and demonstrating your interest in them.   

5. Not Preparing The Sales Pitch 

"If you don't prepare, prepare to fail," I'm sure you've heard before. You must prepare and practisea  sales pitch for sale. Here is the pre-call sales plan by learning everything about the prospect and the product you are pitching. It will show if you go into a meeting with a potential consumer unprepared. Especially considering your options are scouring the Internet for information about you!  

Preparation will help you: 

  • communicate more effectively 

  • ask the appropriate questions 

  • personalize your offering 

- modify your sales pitch - articulate the benefits that will resonate with that specific prospect.  

The other sales mistakes are: 
  • Not working as a team 

  • Not willing to try new frameworks 

  • Not paying attention to data 

  • Not accepting the fact that you are not cut out for the sales role 


Finally, as you delve deeper, you will be able to identify what your forte is and your own sales behavior which will improve your sales strategy. Besides, you must stay up with contemporary technologies such as using AI tools integrated with your CRM and continue to learn about what's new in the intriguing world of sales, if you want to become a good salesman. Good luck being one. 

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